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Eagle Wings Firearms Training LLC.

I've been shooting for over 25 years, have current CCW's in PA and Florida. I am a life
member of the NRA. Have an interest in providing education for the personal protection of

your most valuable assets. You and your family.

In response to COVID-19, a private location may be used for classroom instruction.
Because of small group size and comfortable settings, the Lead Instructor can provide
participants with personal attention, address special needs and make certain all your questions
are addressed.

While many ranges offer excellent courses in firearm safety, their classes are larger and can
be intimidating, as they place you in unfamiliar setting with strangers. Three to four people is
ideal for most in-home classes. These people are usually family or close friends of the host
making for a fun and enjoyable learning experience. Expect plenty of individualized attention
and hands on learning.

Travel time is required for the range. The hands-on training and live-fire exercises are
conducted during an in-person training session with a State of Delaware Certified Firearms
Instructor. All firearms must remain unloaded and encased. No live ammunition is permitted in
the classroom itself. At the appropriate time, the Lead Instructor will demonstrate and permit you
to demonstrate safe handling of your firearm.

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