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The undersigned acknowledges that the reaction to, possession of, and/or use of firearms is potentially dangerous, and involves risk of serious personal injury, death, psychological trauma, and/or other personal and financial liability. The undersigned agrees to assume all risk and waives any and all claims of liability for personal injury, death, psychological trauma, and/or other personal or financial loss. Eagle Wings Firearms Training LLC reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any sponsored event sponsored without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video.

Possession of a Deadly Weapon by a Person Prohibited In Delaware, you are a person prohibited from carrying a deadly weapon or ammunition if: you were convicted of a felony or crime of violence involving physical injury; you were committed to a mental institution; you were convicted of possessing a controlled substance; you are subject to a protection from abuse order; you were convicted of a crime of domestic violence; you are a juvenile and carrying a handgun; the deadly weapon is a semi-automatic or automatic firearm and at the same time you are in possession of a controlled substance. You can be convicted if you fall into one of the above categories and you purchase, own, possess or control a deadly weapon. If the crime you were convicted of is a misdemeanor, this prohibition only lasts five years from the date of conviction. Again, a deadly weapon basically includes a firearm, a knife bigger that a pocketknife or any instrument which can be used to cause serious physical injury. This crime is a class F felony. If the weapon is a firearm it is a class D felony. If the weapon is a firearm and you have been previously convicted of a felony, there is a three year mandatory sentence. There is a five year mandatory if you commit this crime within 10 years of committing a previous violent felony. If you have two prior violent felonies, the mandatory is 10 years. If you are a juvenile 14 years or older and you are adjudicated delinquent of possessing or purchasing firearm there is a mandatory minimum of six months jail. For the precise penalties refer to 11 Del. C. §1448.

Source: Delaware Code Title 11. Crimes and Criminal Procedure § 1448. Possession and purchase of deadly weapons by persons prohibited penalties.

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